Jon (dittert) wrote in itslikedeath,

March 9, 2004

Emily Strand. The Truth.
The Ataris. So Long Astoria.
Anberlin. New Orleans.
The Postal Service. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.
The Coral. Pass It On.
Death Cab For Cutie. The Sound of Settling.
Joe Rohan. Walk Along.
The Breeders. Cannonball.
Lucy Kaplansky. No More Excuses.
Something Corporate. This Broken Heart.
U2. The Ground Beneath Her Feet.
Less Than Jake. She's Gonna Break Soon.
Sheryl Crow. Ordinary Morning.
Mae. Runaway.
Stroke 9. Vacuum Bag.
Starting Line. Best of Me.
The Juliana Theory. If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?
Emily Strand. Nice.
Lisa Loeb. Underdog.
Lucy Kaplansky. Guilty as Sin.
Val Emmich. Privacy Attracts a Crowd.
Wilco. Outtasite (Outtamind).
Techno Remix. Separate Ways.
John Mayer. Clarity.
Sum 41. Makes No Difference.
Dar Williams. Mercy of the Fallen.
Mae. Goodbye Goodnight.

5, count 'em 5, calls during the show...
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