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hold your own damn coat.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
hold your own damn coat.

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Gratuitous Statistics [Wednesday, October 13th, 2004 @ 2:36am]

Let's put this community to rest with some end of the season stats, since I'm really fucking bored...

Number of shows: 13
Number of songs played: 332
Average number of songs per show: 25.5
Number of distinct songs played: 239

Songs most often played:
5 plays
Ruthless (Something Corporate)

4 plays
Sorry, So Sorry (Howie Day)
White Lights (Rufio)
Just Can't Wait (Stroke 9)
Bruised (The Bens)
Privacy Attracts a Crowd (Val Emmich)

3 plays
Ready Fuels (Anberlin)
Cigarettes Will Kill You (Ben Lee)
Mercy of the Fallen (Dar Williams)
Marvelous Things (Eisley)
The Truth (Emily Strand)
Let Go (Frou Frou)
Embers and Envelopes (Mae)
Soundtrack for Our Movie (Mae)
Smile (Onelinedrawing)
I Woke Up in a Car (Something Corporate)
If I Die (Something Corporate)
Just Pretend (The Bens)
We're at the Top of the World (The Juliana Theory)
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service)
Box Full of Letters (Wilco)
Outtasight, Outtamind (Wilco)

Bands played most often:
Something Corporate (34 plays)
Wilco (14 plays)
Mae (12 plays)
Anberlin (11 plays)
U2 (10 plays)
Emily Strand (9 plays)
3 operator errors.|what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

april 20, 2004. [Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 @ 12:24am]

something corporate. only ashes.
hole. miss world.
the juliana theory. we're at the top of the world.
rufio. white lights.
mae. soundtrack for our movie.
sum 41. moron.
wilco. heavy metal drummer.
val emmich. privacy attracts a crowd.
stroke 9. just can't wait.
all-american rejects. paper heart.
john mayer. new deep.
dashboard confessional. saints and sailors.
howie day. sorry, so sorry.
garbage. only happy when it rains.
barenaked ladies. upside down.
frou frou. let go.
something corporate. i kissed a drunk girl.
onelinedrawing. smile.
the bens. bruised.
ben folds. zak and sara.
ben lee. cigarettes will kill you.
dishwalla. angels or devils.
eisley. marvelous things.
the postal service. the district sleeps alone tonight.
allister. somewhere on fullerton.
elisa. rainbow.
lucky boys confusion. fred astaire.
modest mouse. the good times are killing me.
punk cover of i want it that way.
*nsync. byebyebye.

calls: three.
jon's operator errors: one.
k8's operator errors: one.
1 operator error.|what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

april 13, 2004. [Wednesday, April 14th, 2004 @ 1:58am]

howie day. collide.
dar williams. mercy of the fallen.
frou frou. let go.
pj harvey. a perfect day elise.
weezer. say it ain't so.
wilco. i'm always in love.
luscious jackson. ladyfingers.
shelia nichols. fallen for you.
lisa loeb. let's forget about it.
indigo girls. trouble.
veruca salt. volcano girls.
led zepplin. black dog.
eisley. marvelous things.
the anniversary. all things ordinary.
dashboard confessional. age 6 racer.
sheryl crow. run baby run.
dawn and jon. happy out of love.
emily strand. break my heart.
stroke 9. letters.
exit. in again.
butterfly boucher. another white line. (or another operator error, if you want to listen to jon.)
u2. big girls are best.
something corporate. if i die.
phish. bug.
new found glory. my heart will go on.
boyz ii men. end of the road.

calls: one.
operator shortcomings: one.
operator errors: three.
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

April 6, 2004 [Wednesday, April 7th, 2004 @ 4:48pm]

Frou Frou. Let Go.
Wilco. Outtasite (Outtamind).
Rufio. White Lights.
Ben Folds Five. Kate.
Mae. Soundtrack for our Movie.
Eisley. Marvelous Things.
While Supplies Last. Salmonella.
Something Corporate. Ruthless.
Fall Out Boy. Dead on Arrival.
Barenaked Ladies. Testing 1,2,3.
Pinback. Penelope.
Howie Day. Perfect Time of Day.
Phantom Planet. Always on my Mind.
Oval Opus. I Need Some Time.
Butterfly Boucher. I Can't Make Me.
Emily Strand. Nice.
Anberlin. Love Song.
Britney Spears. Toxic.
Frente!. Bizarre Love Triangle.
Starting Line. Up and Go.
Blue October. Calling You.
U2. Stay.
Yellowcard. Ocean Avenue.
Joe Rohan. Walk Along.
Elisa. Heaven Out of Hell.
Ryan Adams. Anybody Want to Take Me Home?

Operator Errors: 1
Special Guest: Aaron Fields.
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

March 30, 2004 [Wednesday, April 7th, 2004 @ 4:41pm]

Anberlin. Foreign Language.
Dashboard Confessional. Hands Down.
Howie Day. Brace Yourself.
Rufio. One Slowdance.
Something Corporate. Straw Dog.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Maps.
Barenaked Ladies. Maybe Katie
Onelinedrawing. Smile.
Mae. This Time is the Last Time.
Open Hand. Time to Talk. (acoustic)
Yellowcard. Firewater. (acoustic)
Emily Strand. Break My Heart.
Ben Lee. Cigarettes Will Kill You.
Something Corporate. Heroine.
Zebrahead. Wannabe.
Outkast. So Fresh and So Clean.
The Starting Line. Best of Me.
The Clash. Should I Stay or Should I Go.

Operator Errors: 1
Calls: 2
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

march 23, 2004. [Thursday, March 25th, 2004 @ 4:51pm]

something corporate. ruthless.
fall otu boy. dead on arrival.
oval opus. say anything.
garbage. queer.
u2. mofo.
rufio. follow me.
greg barnhill. you put the hurt on me.
val emmich. the boy who cried wolf.
wilco. box full of letters.
liz phair. polyester bride.
sarah mclachlan. fumbling towards ecstasy.
the bens. bruised.
the police. king of pain.
butterfly boucher. i can't make me.
howie day. sorry, so sorry.
reel big fish. trendy.
ben folds. zak and sara.
yellowcard. everywhere.
lindsay lohan. ultimate.
weezer. across the sea.
radiohead. 2 + 2 = 5.
mae. embers and envelopes.
rufio. goodbye.

*special guest: kt ringenbach.
*calls: one.
*operator errors: one.
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

March 9, 2004 [Wednesday, March 10th, 2004 @ 2:29am]

Emily Strand. The Truth.
The Ataris. So Long Astoria.
Anberlin. New Orleans.
The Postal Service. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.
The Coral. Pass It On.
Death Cab For Cutie. The Sound of Settling.
Joe Rohan. Walk Along.
The Breeders. Cannonball.
Lucy Kaplansky. No More Excuses.
Something Corporate. This Broken Heart.
U2. The Ground Beneath Her Feet.
Less Than Jake. She's Gonna Break Soon.
Sheryl Crow. Ordinary Morning.
Mae. Runaway.
Stroke 9. Vacuum Bag.
Starting Line. Best of Me.
The Juliana Theory. If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?
Emily Strand. Nice.
Lisa Loeb. Underdog.
Lucy Kaplansky. Guilty as Sin.
Val Emmich. Privacy Attracts a Crowd.
Wilco. Outtasite (Outtamind).
Techno Remix. Separate Ways.
John Mayer. Clarity.
Sum 41. Makes No Difference.
Dar Williams. Mercy of the Fallen.
Mae. Goodbye Goodnight.

5, count 'em 5, calls during the show...
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

march 2, 2004. radio show back in full effect. [Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004 @ 10:50pm]

something corporate. caldecott tunnel.
the juliana theory. in your eyes.
fall out boy. homesick at spacecamp.
emily strand. voodoo.
val emmich. privacy attracts a crowd.
wilco. monday.
mae. this time is the last time.
shrug. lady malaria.
halo friendlies. me vs. the world.
matt nathanson. i saw.
queen sarah saturday. seems.
allister. overrated.
the yeah yeah yeahs. maps. (or maybe it's the ya ya yas. but only if you talk to jon.)
the shins. so says i.
the juliana theory. do you believe me?
july for kings. beautiful.
the berlin project. gin and juice.
the dixie chicks. there's your trouble.
stroke 9. letters.
emily strand. the truth.
midtown. become what you hate.
anberlin. autobahn.
the ataris. san dimas high school football rules. (or if you're reading what jon wrote: san l......... football rulz.)
radiohead. just.
rufio. white lights.
the bens. bruised.
mae. last call.

operator errors: amazingly enough, zero.
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

February 24, 2004 [Wednesday, February 25th, 2004 @ 2:11am]

Wilco. Outtamind (Outtasight).
U2. Angel of Harlem.
Emily Strand. Voodoo.
Anberlin. Ready Fuels.
Something Corporate. I Woke Up in a Car.
Gin Blossoms. Hey Jealousy.
The Police. King of Pain.
July for Kings. Track 2.
Howie Day. Sorry So Sorry.
Dar Williams. Mercy of the Fallen.
Oval Opus. Say Anything.
The Kilwein Family Tree-o. Just My Luck.
John Mayer. Covered in Rain.
Ducksauce. Elevation.
Emily Strand. Truth.
Something Corporate. Ruthless.
Blue Man Group. Sing Along.
Exit. In Again.
Lucky Boys Confusion. Fred Astaire.
Radiohead. The Bends.
G Love and the Special Sauce. Cold Beverage.
July for Kings. Track 3.
Lisa Loeb. Falling in Love.
The Bens. Just Pretend.

This week sans K8. Full force next week, I think...
1 operator error.|what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

february 17, 2004. [Thursday, February 19th, 2004 @ 11:59am]

something corporate. as you sleep.
howie day. sorry, so sorry.
wilco. shouldn't have to be this hard.
ducksauce. life.
stroke 9. just can't wait.
something corporate. i want to save you (acoustic).
toad the wet sprocket. come back down.
something corporate. punk rock princess.
lisa loeb. falling in love.
something corporate. if i die.
u2. the end of the world.
something corporate. ruthless.
anberlin. new orleans.
something corporate. babies of the 80s.
the ataris. my so-called life.
something corporate. forget december.
something corporate. space.
something corporate. rock band.
something corporate. plucked.
something corporate. wait.
something corporate. bad day.
something corporate. hurricane (acoustic).
something corporate. i woke up in a car.
phish. ghost.
something corporate. little.
radiohead. fake plastic trees.
something corporate. bye bye bye.
dave matthews. save me.
something corporate. mulligan goes to war.
emmylou harris. here i am.
the juliana theory. understand the dream is over.

** all of k8's choices tonight were by something corporate.
3 operator errors.|what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

February 10, 2004 [Sunday, February 15th, 2004 @ 11:32pm]

Rufio. White Lights.
Wilco. Box Full of Letters.
Joe Strummer. Long Shadow.
Mae. Runaway.
Stroke 9. Just Can't Wait.
Better Than Ezra. At the Stars.
Howlin' Wolf. Sittin' On Top of the World.
BB King and Eric Clapton. Ridin' With the King.
The Knack. My Charona.
Toad the Wet Sprocket. Torn.
Less Than Jake. She's Gonna Break Soon.
The Beatles. Come Together.
Something Corporate. Heroine.
U2. Grace.
Dishwalla. Angels or Devils.
Neve. It's Over Now.

Special Guest this week: Jeff Geers
Operator Errors: way too many for anyone's good...
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

january 27, 2004 [Wednesday, January 28th, 2004 @ 12:05am]

story of the year. until the day i day.
something corporate. straw dog.
the juliana theory. if i told you this was killing me, would you stop?
u2. stay.
dashboard confessional. if you can't leave it be, might as well make it bleed.
wilco. pot kettle black.
belle and sebastian. get me away from here i'm dying.
the bens. bruised.
luscious jackson. lady fingers.
gov't mule. beautifully broken.
sugar cult. bouncing off the walls.
anberlin. cadence.
something corporate. ruthless.
emmylou harris. the pearl.
liz phair. polyester bride.
dar williams. i saw a bird fly away.
norah jones. turn me on.
the bens. just pretend.
mxpx. take on me.
backstreet boys. i want it that way.
new found glory. forget my name.
mae. embers and envelopes.
buffalo tom. late at night.
john prine. spanish pipedream.
rem. it's the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine).
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

[Monday, January 26th, 2004 @ 12:42pm]

hey, i found a new background picture, so i put that up. let me know what you think.and i changed the colors around because bright blue and red didn't look right against the black and white background. so yeah... i don't know. i'll talk to you later.
3 operator errors.|what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

[Wednesday, January 21st, 2004 @ 2:08am]

okay, this is as good as it's gonna get tonight. i'm not sure about the background picture; it was the best i could do at 2 am. so that's that. the colors are ud. that was what i was going for at least. lol! i don't know if that's cool or not. let me know what you think...
1 operator error.|what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

january 20, 2004 [Wednesday, January 21st, 2004 @ 1:44am]

anberlin. ready fuels.
sugar cult. second america.
exit. jukebox song.
one line drawing. smile.
wilco. i'm always in love.
the anniversary. all things ordinary.
dar williams. as cool as i am.
garbage. i think i'm paranoid.
ben kweller. wasted ready.
phantom planet. always on my mind.
u2. summer rain.
fall out boy. tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today.
allister. waiting for you.
the bens. just pretend.
freddy jones band. wonder.
heart. magic man.
radiohead. high and dry.
openhand. time to talk.
something corporate. i woke up in a car.
merill bainbridge. mouth.
anberlin. love song.
hillary duff. so yesterday.
the juliana theory. we're at the top of the world
liz phair. extraordinary.
trey anastasio. money love and change.
the kilwein family tree-o.reel big fish. trendy.
wilco. i must be high.
mae. soundtrack for our movie.
the starting line. up and go.
what's the worst analogy you've ever used?

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