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itslikedeath's Journal

hold your own damn coat.
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listen live 8 to 10 pm tuesday nights.
call in and request: 937.627.8624.

so k8 and jon have this radio show at the university of dayton. there's no real name of their show - k8 and jon, jon and k8, it's like death, hold your own damn coat... we've never really picked one. but we play music for two hours every tuesday night from 8 to 10 pm. this community is basically our playlists and whatever random nonsense we decide to put up. so that explains what this thing is, i guess.

weekly features on our show...
- play a punk cover of a song we're not supposed to play on flyer radio followed by a song in its original form that we're not supposed to play on flyer radio.
- play a radiohead song and introduce it as "the depressing radiohead shit that jeff geers would have requested had he called in, but he didn't."
- finish the show with a song about it being the last song or leaving.