Jon (dittert) wrote in itslikedeath,

january 20, 2004

anberlin. ready fuels.
sugar cult. second america.
exit. jukebox song.
one line drawing. smile.
wilco. i'm always in love.
the anniversary. all things ordinary.
dar williams. as cool as i am.
garbage. i think i'm paranoid.
ben kweller. wasted ready.
phantom planet. always on my mind.
u2. summer rain.
fall out boy. tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today.
allister. waiting for you.
the bens. just pretend.
freddy jones band. wonder.
heart. magic man.
radiohead. high and dry.
openhand. time to talk.
something corporate. i woke up in a car.
merill bainbridge. mouth.
anberlin. love song.
hillary duff. so yesterday.
the juliana theory. we're at the top of the world
liz phair. extraordinary.
trey anastasio. money love and change.
the kilwein family tree-o.reel big fish. trendy.
wilco. i must be high.
mae. soundtrack for our movie.
the starting line. up and go.
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