Jon (dittert) wrote in itslikedeath,

Gratuitous Statistics

Let's put this community to rest with some end of the season stats, since I'm really fucking bored...

Number of shows: 13
Number of songs played: 332
Average number of songs per show: 25.5
Number of distinct songs played: 239

Songs most often played:
5 plays
Ruthless (Something Corporate)

4 plays
Sorry, So Sorry (Howie Day)
White Lights (Rufio)
Just Can't Wait (Stroke 9)
Bruised (The Bens)
Privacy Attracts a Crowd (Val Emmich)

3 plays
Ready Fuels (Anberlin)
Cigarettes Will Kill You (Ben Lee)
Mercy of the Fallen (Dar Williams)
Marvelous Things (Eisley)
The Truth (Emily Strand)
Let Go (Frou Frou)
Embers and Envelopes (Mae)
Soundtrack for Our Movie (Mae)
Smile (Onelinedrawing)
I Woke Up in a Car (Something Corporate)
If I Die (Something Corporate)
Just Pretend (The Bens)
We're at the Top of the World (The Juliana Theory)
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service)
Box Full of Letters (Wilco)
Outtasight, Outtamind (Wilco)

Bands played most often:
Something Corporate (34 plays)
Wilco (14 plays)
Mae (12 plays)
Anberlin (11 plays)
U2 (10 plays)
Emily Strand (9 plays)
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