some days all i do is watch the sky... (bttrflyk8) wrote in itslikedeath,
some days all i do is watch the sky...

april 20, 2004.

something corporate. only ashes.
hole. miss world.
the juliana theory. we're at the top of the world.
rufio. white lights.
mae. soundtrack for our movie.
sum 41. moron.
wilco. heavy metal drummer.
val emmich. privacy attracts a crowd.
stroke 9. just can't wait.
all-american rejects. paper heart.
john mayer. new deep.
dashboard confessional. saints and sailors.
howie day. sorry, so sorry.
garbage. only happy when it rains.
barenaked ladies. upside down.
frou frou. let go.
something corporate. i kissed a drunk girl.
onelinedrawing. smile.
the bens. bruised.
ben folds. zak and sara.
ben lee. cigarettes will kill you.
dishwalla. angels or devils.
eisley. marvelous things.
the postal service. the district sleeps alone tonight.
allister. somewhere on fullerton.
elisa. rainbow.
lucky boys confusion. fred astaire.
modest mouse. the good times are killing me.
punk cover of i want it that way.
*nsync. byebyebye.

calls: three.
jon's operator errors: one.
k8's operator errors: one.
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