Jon (dittert) wrote in itslikedeath,

April 6, 2004

Frou Frou. Let Go.
Wilco. Outtasite (Outtamind).
Rufio. White Lights.
Ben Folds Five. Kate.
Mae. Soundtrack for our Movie.
Eisley. Marvelous Things.
While Supplies Last. Salmonella.
Something Corporate. Ruthless.
Fall Out Boy. Dead on Arrival.
Barenaked Ladies. Testing 1,2,3.
Pinback. Penelope.
Howie Day. Perfect Time of Day.
Phantom Planet. Always on my Mind.
Oval Opus. I Need Some Time.
Butterfly Boucher. I Can't Make Me.
Emily Strand. Nice.
Anberlin. Love Song.
Britney Spears. Toxic.
Frente!. Bizarre Love Triangle.
Starting Line. Up and Go.
Blue October. Calling You.
U2. Stay.
Yellowcard. Ocean Avenue.
Joe Rohan. Walk Along.
Elisa. Heaven Out of Hell.
Ryan Adams. Anybody Want to Take Me Home?

Operator Errors: 1
Special Guest: Aaron Fields.
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