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some days all i do is watch the sky...

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march 23, 2004.

something corporate. ruthless.
fall otu boy. dead on arrival.
oval opus. say anything.
garbage. queer.
u2. mofo.
rufio. follow me.
greg barnhill. you put the hurt on me.
val emmich. the boy who cried wolf.
wilco. box full of letters.
liz phair. polyester bride.
sarah mclachlan. fumbling towards ecstasy.
the bens. bruised.
the police. king of pain.
butterfly boucher. i can't make me.
howie day. sorry, so sorry.
reel big fish. trendy.
ben folds. zak and sara.
yellowcard. everywhere.
lindsay lohan. ultimate.
weezer. across the sea.
radiohead. 2 + 2 = 5.
mae. embers and envelopes.
rufio. goodbye.

*special guest: kt ringenbach.
*calls: one.
*operator errors: one.
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