some days all i do is watch the sky... (bttrflyk8) wrote in itslikedeath,
some days all i do is watch the sky...

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march 2, 2004. radio show back in full effect.

something corporate. caldecott tunnel.
the juliana theory. in your eyes.
fall out boy. homesick at spacecamp.
emily strand. voodoo.
val emmich. privacy attracts a crowd.
wilco. monday.
mae. this time is the last time.
shrug. lady malaria.
halo friendlies. me vs. the world.
matt nathanson. i saw.
queen sarah saturday. seems.
allister. overrated.
the yeah yeah yeahs. maps. (or maybe it's the ya ya yas. but only if you talk to jon.)
the shins. so says i.
the juliana theory. do you believe me?
july for kings. beautiful.
the berlin project. gin and juice.
the dixie chicks. there's your trouble.
stroke 9. letters.
emily strand. the truth.
midtown. become what you hate.
anberlin. autobahn.
the ataris. san dimas high school football rules. (or if you're reading what jon wrote: san l......... football rulz.)
radiohead. just.
rufio. white lights.
the bens. bruised.
mae. last call.

operator errors: amazingly enough, zero.
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