Jon (dittert) wrote in itslikedeath,

February 24, 2004

Wilco. Outtamind (Outtasight).
U2. Angel of Harlem.
Emily Strand. Voodoo.
Anberlin. Ready Fuels.
Something Corporate. I Woke Up in a Car.
Gin Blossoms. Hey Jealousy.
The Police. King of Pain.
July for Kings. Track 2.
Howie Day. Sorry So Sorry.
Dar Williams. Mercy of the Fallen.
Oval Opus. Say Anything.
The Kilwein Family Tree-o. Just My Luck.
John Mayer. Covered in Rain.
Ducksauce. Elevation.
Emily Strand. Truth.
Something Corporate. Ruthless.
Blue Man Group. Sing Along.
Exit. In Again.
Lucky Boys Confusion. Fred Astaire.
Radiohead. The Bends.
G Love and the Special Sauce. Cold Beverage.
July for Kings. Track 3.
Lisa Loeb. Falling in Love.
The Bens. Just Pretend.

This week sans K8. Full force next week, I think...
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